Alignment with DORA to boost UK’s financial cybersecurity resilience


M-Files, a key name in the document management sector, has emphasized the critical need for UK businesses to enhance cybersecurity in the face of rising threats.

Industry Solutions Manager, Financial Services at M-Files, Yohan Lobo highlighted the escalating cybersecurity threat landscape in the UK, with a recent breach at the Ministry of Defence risking the security of 270,000 records. This incident underscores the increasing necessity for stringent security measures.

The EU’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is set to bolster organisational security across Europe’s financial sectors, demanding compliance by early 2025. Although DORA primarily targets EU entities, its broader implications suggest that UK firms, even those not directly under its umbrella, should consider integrating aspects of the framework to fortify their defences. Yohan Lobo pointed out the universal applicability of DORA’s guidelines, which offer a robust structure for managing cybersecurity risks effectively.

The adoption of DORA can serve as a blueprint for businesses to refine their cybersecurity strategies, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle emerging threats.

This includes rigorous incident reporting, managing third-party relationships, and implementing processes to mitigate risks associated with cybersecurity breaches. Furthermore, Lobo suggests that technology solutions which automate compliance and reporting could significantly aid businesses in adhering to DORA’s stringent requirements.

For UK businesses involved in the EU financial system, compliance with DORA is not just advisable but may soon become a mandatory requirement. However, all businesses, regardless of their direct involvement with EU financial markets, are advised to consider DORA’s guidelines to prevent future cybersecurity challenges.

As Yohan Lobo concluded, understanding internal vulnerabilities and maintaining clear-cut interactions with third-party IT providers is fundamental to developing a reliable security posture.

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