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Tag: KYC Portal

Aqubix: Using the risk-based approach to your advantage

Taking a risk-based approach during the due diligence process is often perceived as purely cost. It’s also something that will always be asked for by regulators, and costs are continuing to increase whenever there are new clients.

Offshore Bank using KYC Portal to automate 60% of all retail...

Aqubix’s KYC Portal has revealed an unnamed offshore bank has deployed its KYC and due diligence solution to automate 60 per cent of its retail onboarding processes.

Bank uses KYC Portal to streamline the review processes for Corporate...

Aqubix’s KYC Portal has been chosen by an unnamed international bank to ease the ongoing relationship processes with corporate structures.

Customer outreach tool launched based on huge demand – KYC Portal

Following on from the success and vast demand for Aqubix’s KYC Portal from clients across all industries, the company has launched the Customer Outreach Tool (COT) plugin.

KYC Portal – built by compliance teams for all types of...

KYC Portal is not another data provider. KYC Portal is the most complete end-to-end KYC and due diligence solution on the market.

Aqubix launches new corporate on-boarding tool

Aqubix has launched the new module within their flag-ship product KYC Portal, called Corporate On-boarding Tool (COT).

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