ACI Financial Markets Association teams with Axiom to help market participants meet compliance

The ACI Financial Markets Association (ACI FMA) is working with Axiom Global Advisors to help market participants meet the FX Global Code.

iAxept launches new online payment solution to help internet retailers comply with strict EU...

The EU’s new strong customer authentication (SCA) rules have put more pressure on online retailers to ensure shoppers are who they say they are. Now, a UK-based FinTech might have a solution.

Cybersecurity still an afterthought for businesses despite rising threat levels

While cybersecurity is pegged to be 281.74bn by 2027, businesses are still seeing it as an afterthought, a study from EY claims.

E-commerce to drive cybersecurity market to be worth $281.74bn by 2027

The cybersecurity market is expected to grow considerably in the years to come, with e-commerce driving the growth.

Hackers have stolen payment details from Rutter’s petrol stations and stores

Petrol station and stores chain Rutter’s has fallen to a malware attack which compromised its customers’ payment card data.

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