Tenable set to bolster cloud security through Ermetic acquisition for $265m


Tenable, an exposure management platform provider, has penned down a definitive agreement to acquire Ermetic for $265m.

The strategic acquisition, priced at approximately $240m in cash and an additional $25m in restricted stock and RSUs, aims to incorporate Ermetic’s advanced capabilities into Tenable’s One Exposure Management Platform. The union is envisioned to offer enhanced risk visibility, prioritisation, and remediation solutions both for on-site and cloud infrastructures.

Tenable operates the One Exposure Management Platform which offers risk visibility and management solutions for diverse infrastructure.

Ermetic specialises in delivering the CNAPP which provides comprehensive contextual analysis and identifies hazardous combinations like privileged access to vulnerable public workloads.

By integrating Ermetic’s insights, Tenable seeks to augment its services for hybrid settings. With the ever-increasing risks in public cloud, and as identities and entitlements pose as paramount challenges, this collaboration addresses the complex identity sprawl and convoluted policies. Ermetic’s union with Tenable aims to facilitate security teams with enriched context and prioritisation, thereby ensuring efficient remediation choices.

Tenable’s bolstered cloud security suite, when paired with Ermetic’s multi-cloud CNAPP and CIEM, promises to guide security professionals of varied expertise. This addresses the industry’s pressing concern of managing a surge in security data whilst bridging the existing skills gap in cybersecurity. The partnership ensures simplified remediation instructions, eliminating the necessity for security teams to be cloud security experts.

Tenable CEO Amit Yoran said, “We will have an opportunity to put additional market-leading cloud security capabilities into the hands of tens of thousands of customers. Together, we will be able to deliver a holistic view of the modern attack surface and help organisations reduce exposure and risk, using identity as an essential foundation.”

Ermetic CEO Shai Morag commented, “The combination of Tenable’s rich exposure management data and Ermetic’s cloud solutions will provide unprecedented levels of actionable visibility and value. It will remove the complexity that makes managing cloud environments so challenging. Tenable’s massive install base of customers will enable us to introduce more organisations to the benefits of context-aware risk prioritisation to solve problems before they manifest.”

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