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European Parliament votes for member states to reduce emissions by 2030

The European Parliament has passed legislation that will require EU member states to cut greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030.

EU financial regulators to carry out financial system climate stress test

The EU’s financial regulators are planning to carry out a system-wide analysis of the financial sector’s climate-related risk resilience.

European lawmakers secure agreement on green bond standards

Lawmakers in the European Parliament and the European Council have unveiled an agreement on the creation of standards for European Green Bonds.

EU bolsters sustainability reporting requirement with CSRD passage

The European Parliament has passed the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by 525 votes to 60.

President Biden signs executive order on US-EU data transfer privacy

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order that will aim to protect the privacy of personal data transfers between the US and the EU

EU proposes legislation to tighten cybersecurity rules for smart devices

The EU’s executive arm has called for new legislation that would require manufactures to ensure internet-connected devices meet cyber standards, according to Security Week.

Google slapped with €25bn lawsuit in the UK and EU

Google will receive a €25bn lawsuit in both the UK and the EU following accusations of the abuse of its position in the online advertising market, CyberNews revealed.

Bank of England could face showdown with Truss over EU rulebook...

The EU is planning to ease its own Basel rulebook and diverge in certain areas, meaning UK banks could be forced to implement tougher standards, TBC UK has claimed.

Google and EU issue Russian cyber and misinformation warnings

Google and the European Union have both issued separate warnings over potential cyberattacks and misinformation campaigns from Russia.

ECB to issue Eurozone warning on need for crypto regulation

The European Central Bank is expected to issue a warning to Eurozone countries around the need to harmonise cryptocurrency regulation, the Financial Times has reported.

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