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Wirex adopts cutting-edge policy management solution from Corlytics to enable growth

Wirex, a leading player in payments, has partnered with Corlytics, to bolster its compliance framework and ensure the highest standards of regulatory adherence. The company has...

European Parliament adopts instant payments regulation to expedite fund transfers

The European Parliament, in a bid to revolutionise fund transfers, has greenlit new regulations aimed at ensuring immediate transfers to retail customers and businesses...

BIS unveils Project Hertha program to help secure private real-time payments

In the evolving FinTech landscape, payments system protection against financial crime is key, especially when it involves maintaining user privacy.

EPI announces wero as its breakthrough digital wallet solution

The EPI, a bank-backed venture established to counter giants like Mastercard in Europe, named its digital wallet solution as 'wero'.

PSD2 compliant payments startup Ryft receives FCA licence

PSD2 compliant payments system Ryft has received an authorisation licence from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) allowing it to become a regulated payment facilitator.

Consumers want better security and frictionless payments online

Consumers are seeking greater security and frictionless payment experiences when buying products online, according to a survey from BR-DGE.

J.P. Morgan to pilot biometric payments in US

J.P. Morgan is launching a pilot of biometrics-based payments with select retailers in the US.

Mastercard bolsters cybersecurity with Baffin Bay Networks deal

Payment giant Mastercard has acquired Swedish cybersecurity platform Baffin Bay Networks to help businesses deal with increasingly challenging cyber attacks.

Are cashless payments leading to skyrocketing fraud?

A recent report by NICE Actimize has found that the rise of payments fraud is a growing concern for financial institutions and consumers alike.

5 essential steps to secure digital payments

As digital payments continue to take the world by storm, Flagright has outlined the five essential steps FinTechs and neobanks can take to secure their digital payments.

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