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Moody’s launches GenAI-powered Early Warning System for CRE risk management

Moody’s, a global leader in risk assessment and credit rating, has launched a new product aimed at transforming commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio management. The...

Rising regulatory challenges propel the necessity for robust entity verification

In today's intricate business environment, understanding the entities with which companies conduct business is becoming increasingly vital.

Moody’s and MSCI forge partnership for advanced ESG and sustainability solutions

Moody’s has announced a partnership with MSCI, a provider of critical decision support tools and services for the investment community.

Advancing KYC technologies to curtail financial crimes in Asia

Money laundering continues to pose a significant challenge in Asia, exacerbated by the diverse economic landscapes, fragmented regulatory frameworks, and intricate financial systems.

How to tackle evolving cyber threats with innovative risk management

As technology evolves, so does the network of bad actors who take advantage of it for illicit gains, leaving governments scrambling to modernise the way they regulate criminal activity.

How is Generative AI impacting the KYC process?

Ever since its launch in November 2022, Generative AI has been the topic of discussion on everyone's lips when it comes to discussing transformational technology. In the area of KYC, could we expect Generative AI to have significant long term impacts?

Moody’s unveils sanctioned securities screening tool for asset managers

Moody’s has launched a new sanctioned securities screening capability aimed at enhancing investment decision-making workflows for asset managers.

How luxury goods are exploited in money laundering schemes

Luxury goods encompass high-end items associated with prestige and significant monetary value.

Insights from a data scientist: Implementing AI in financial crime compliance

The financial services industry is undergoing a transformation driven by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, particularly machine learning (ML). These advancements are significantly enhancing anti-money laundering (AML), counter-financing of terrorism (CFT), and sanctions screening as part of customer lifecycle management (CLM).

New ICT cyber risk tool by Bitsight and Moody’s: Pioneering security...

Bitsight, a prominent player in global cyber risk management, and Moody’s, an established leader in risk assessment, have partnered to introduce the Implied Cyber Threat (ICT).

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