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What roles do money mules play in money laundering?

In the incredibly complex world of money laundering, an increasingly common way for criminals to launder money is through money mules. What are they?

Fingo Africa partners with Flagright to enhance AML capabilities

RegTech firm Flagright has partnered with Kenyan digital FinTech Fingo Africa to enhance the latter’s AML compliance and fraud protection capabilities.

RegTech company Flagright adds kevin. as its newest customer

Berlin-headquartered RegTech Flagright has announced kevin., which enables businesses to accept payments directly from banks, as its newest customer.

5 essential steps to secure digital payments

As digital payments continue to take the world by storm, Flagright has outlined the five essential steps FinTechs and neobanks can take to secure their digital payments.
The hallmarks of a strong customer risk assessment process

The hallmarks of a strong customer risk assessment process

Customer risk assessments are a vital part of AML and KYC processes. Flagright, an all-in-one AML compliance system, has outlined the best practices of an assessment process.

Why sanctions screening is crucial for FinTechs

Following the invasion of Ukraine, financial institutions have seen a tidal wave of sanctions. Implementing strong sanctions screening tools enables FinTechs and neobanks to bolster their market reputation.

Flagright links with Clear Junction to provide BaaS offering

Flagright has partnered with Clear Junction to offer FinTechs with access to banking-as-a-service solutions.

How Flagright is taking the fight to financial crime

The mission of Berlin-headquartered Flagright is to protect FinTechs from financial crime with risk-based transaction monitoring.

What are the benefits of a risk-based approach?

Financial institutions are facing a growing range of money laundering threats, with threat actors holding a variety of tools to make these worse. How does a risk-based approach help?

How a data-driven approach can help against financial crime

In a world that is becoming more digitalised, financial crime is growing to become an even bigger challenge than in the past, with new avenues opened for threat actors.

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