Tags Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Tag: Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

The State Bank of Pakistan permits NayaPay to launch pilot

NayaPay has picked up a licence to begin operations in Pakistan from the country's central bank.

Catch up on the 35 big FinTech funding rounds from the...

Amidst the coronavirus crisis, many FinTech companies have still been able to raise big rounds. Here are 35 of the successful investment stories that we paid special attention to in the past week.

The coronavirus represents a “return to chaos” that could benefit FinTech...

From: FinTech Global COVID-19 has plunged financial markets into chaos, but the pandemic also represents both challenges and opportunities for FinTech and RegTech companies as...

Financial crime fighting company Featurespace raises £30m to drive growth

A year after its latest funding round, Featurespace has bagged another £30m to expand its offerings.

How to fight financial crime related to COVID-19

The coronavirus has not only wreaked havoc on the global economy, but also increased the risk of money laundering, fraud and cybercrime.

FATF puts the UAE on notice after it failed to do...

The United Arab Emirates may have made efforts in recent years to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing, but it may be too little too late.

South Korea could do more to fight money laundering and financial...

While South Korea has established a strong legal framework to fight money laundering, the country must do more to prevent government officials from laundering the proceeds of corruption.

MONEYVAL: Cyprus is not doing enough to combat money laundering

The Council of Europe’s anti-money laundering (AML) body MONEYVAL has urged Cyprus to be more aggressive in its efforts to combat criminal transactions.

The Financial Action Task Force gives Norway’s anti-money laundering efforts a...

Norway has been hard at work since 2014 to ensure it has a robust system in place to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing occurring under its watch.

Australian RegTech leader urges the FATF to complete their review of...

Anthony Quinn, founder and CEO of Arctic Intelligence, the Australian RegTech company, is imploring the international Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to finish its review...

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