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Encompass Corporation appoints Nynke Postma as Head of Business Development

Encompass Corporation, a leader in Corporate Digital Identity (CDI), has appointed Nynke Postma, the founder and former CEO of Blacksmith KYC, as the new Head of Business Development for Asia and the Middle East.

Encompass Corporation welcomes Stuart Barnard as new CFO

Encompass Corporation, a pioneer in Corporate Digital Identity (CDI), has recently announced the appointment of Stuart Barnard as its first Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Encompass Corporation welcomes Neil Acworth as new CISO

Encompass Corporation, a pioneering force in the creation of real-time digital Know Your Customer (KYC) profiles for global banks, has recently appointed Neil Acworth...

Encompass acquires CoorpID and Blacksmith from ING

Encompass Corporation has recently expanded its capabilities by acquiring two significant entities from ING: CoorpID and Blacksmith KYC.

UK’s red tape cut: A bold step for post-Brexit growth and...

The UK Government is diving headfirst into a comprehensive review of all regulators within its jurisdiction. Their goal? To eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles, making the most of the liberties afforded post-Brexit.

Transforming FinTech: The 7-fold Benefit of Automating KYC Processes

In an era of growing operational costs, it has become a pressing necessity for banks to embrace efficient Know Your Customer (KYC) practices. The global spend on regulatory technology (RegTech) is predicted to ascend to $207bn by 2028, a forecast that urges banks to channel their investment into automating their manual KYC processes.

Encompass unveils whitepaper to guide banks towards pKYC transformation

Encompass Corporation has released a whitepaper that details how banks can accelerate digital transformation by moving towards a pKYC operating model.

Shaping the Future of UK Financial Services: 2023 Annual Review Insights

The City of London Corporation, in collaboration with HM Treasury, has recently unveiled the 2023 edition of the State of the Sector: annual review...

Encompass Corporation joins Austrade mission to boost global FinTech collaboration

Encompass Corporation has been handpicked to take part in a notable international trade mission led by Austrade.

Why RegTech solutions are vital to a banks’ success

Banks are facing new challenges posed by the ever-evolving digital world. the need to have strong regulatory measures in place is vital. 

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