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Edgewater Equity Partners acquires Ascent to boost AI-driven compliance

Ascent Technologies has been acquired by Edgewater Equity Partners, a distinguished private equity firm based in Boston.

Navigating new regulations: A proactive approach to compliance in FinTech

Maintaining a strong compliance program is a continuous effort. To stay on course, it’s crucial to proactively monitor regulatory changes to ensure that your organization can respond promptly to its evolving regulatory obligations.

Navigating the Maze: How AI is Transforming Financial Compliance

In the dynamic realm of financial services regulatory compliance, technology isn't just a facilitator—it's a game-changer. The latest industry analysis from GRC 20/20 delves into the transformative effects of AI on financial services compliance, marking a revolutionary departure from traditional practices.

ING and CommBank embrace RegTech for rapid regulatory mapping

Renowned RegTech firm Ascent recently outlined a successful customer success story for ING and Commerzbank. 

Ascent and Diligent team to streamline regulatory compliance in FinTech sector

Ascent, a solution aimed at simplifying and streamlining regulatory compliance, has entered into a strategic partnership with Diligent.

How to stay ahead of the regulatory curve in 2023

In a time when regulatory trends and developments and changing rapidly, its more important than ever to keep your eye on the ball.

Navigating the 2023 banking regulations: proactive compliance is key

Regulatory change in the banking industry appears to be on the horizon for 2023. Regional banks are already grappling with an intricate web of state, federal, and international compliance obligations.

How is financial services leveraging AI for compliance purposes?

In a time where AI is revolutionising industry after industry, the increasing need and desire to automate compliance is becoming ever more sought after.

RegTech firm Ascent unveils new compliance offering

Ascent, a firm that claims it helps users comply more efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively, has launched its Compliance Confidence Scorecard. 

Staying compliant in the mortgage space in 2023

The mortgage space is in a rough patch. Interest rates are rising, and firms are writing fewer loans. This is likely to be the picture for the next year or two. The industry is changing and reacting to the uncertainty of the market.

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