Regnology and S-Kreditpartner collaborate for cutting-edge regulatory reporting

Regnology and S-Kreditpartner collaborate for cutting-edge regulatory reporting

S-Kreditpartner, a prominent loan provider specialising in personal and automotive financing, has partnered with Regnology, a software company dedicated to regulatory reporting solutions.

S-Kreditpartner, a subsidiary of Landesbank Berlin AG and Deutsche Sparkassen Leasing AG, is known for its comprehensive loan services. On the other hand, Regnology stands out for its innovative RegTech solutions, particularly its Rcloud platform developed in collaboration with Google Cloud.

The partnership between S-Kreditpartner and Regnology aims to enhance regulatory compliance for S-Kreditpartner through the adoption of the Rcloud platform. This strategic move is expected to provide a more flexible, resilient, and sustainable approach to regulatory reporting within the banking sector.

Rcloud is an advanced regulatory reporting solution that benefits from Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure. The platform offers features such as elastic scalability, reliable and fast report submissions, and always up-to-date reporting data and software.

Designed to exceed the capabilities of traditional cloud services, Rcloud includes improved deployment, infrastructure-as-code services, and run and change management automation. Furthermore, it’s designed to be CO2-neutral with double the energy efficiency of conventional data centers, aligning with Regnology’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Over 200 banks from 20 countries have migrated their regulatory reporting to Rcloud in the last six months, underscoring the platform’s growing influence in the RegTech space.

S-Kreditpartner Head of Banking Control Jörg Geisler said, “We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the banking sector to embrace public cloud to build a more flexible, resilient and sustainable regulatory reporting infrastructure.”

Regnology Chief Revenue Officer Maciej Piechocki said, “S-Kreditpartner’s step highlights the regulatory reporting sector’s continuing adoption of the cloud amidst the shift from traditional, on-premise infrastructure solutions. By working with Google Cloud on AI initiatives, we are unlocking the potential for our customers to fully tap into the transformative potential of innovation. Together, we aim to redefine how financial institutions approach regulatory compliance in the future.”

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