Prompt Security launches with $5m backing to tackle GenAI security risks


Prompt Security, a company in the GenAI security sector, announced a significant milestone today and raised $5m in funding.

The firm has successfully closed a $5m seed funding round, spearheaded by Hetz Ventures and supported by Four Rivers, along with notable angel investors including Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) at Elastic and Dolby.

This financial endorsement marks a pivotal moment for Prompt Security, which is poised to reshape how enterprises approach the evolving landscape of generative AI threats.

Operating at the forefront of the generative AI security domain, Prompt Security offers an integrated platform designed to safeguard enterprise applications, workforce, and clientele from the burgeoning threats associated with generative AI technologies.

This announcement comes amid growing concerns over data privacy and security in the wake of generative AI tools, as evidenced by recent studies from Google and legal challenges faced by industry giants like OpenAI and Microsoft.

The infusion of $5m in seed funding is set to catalyse Prompt Security’s mission. The company aims to utilise these funds to further refine its innovative security solutions, ensuring that enterprises can harness the full potential of generative AI technologies while mitigating the associated risks.

By implementing Prompt Security’s comprehensive security protocols, enterprises can confidently navigate the complex landscape of generative AI, ensuring the safety and privacy of their data and operations.

Prompt Security distinguishes itself by offering a nuanced, multi-faceted approach to generative AI security. The company’s solution provides extensive oversight and governance capabilities, enabling CISOs and AI leaders to monitor and regulate the use of AI tools within their organisations. Furthermore, the platform’s LLM-agnostic methodology allows for the identification and management of a vast array of AI tools, ensuring robust protection against a spectrum of gen AI-specific threats.

Itamar Golan, CEO and co-founder of Prompt Security, emphasised the urgency and significance of their mission, stating, “Generative AI is rapidly infiltrating enterprises and this brings a world of new high-stakes risks. Employees have a strong incentive to share enterprise data with gen AI tools, which are often trained on the data and can leak it afterwards.” Golan also highlighted the company’s commitment to empowering CISOs and ensuring that enterprises can fully leverage the transformative capabilities of generative AI without compromising on security or data privacy.

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