Mastering the maze: How CC1 revolutionises compliance in the global FinTech landscape


The swift globalisation and digitalisation of financial markets are presenting regulators and financial institutions with significant challenges. These institutions need advanced tools for data capture, assurance, and archiving to comply with regulations effectively.

According to Custodia Technology, Globally, regulatory bodies are intensifying their surveillance of financial firms’ adherence to evolving regulations concerning regulated digital data. These regulations aim to uphold the integrity of the increasingly intricate and interlinked global markets.

The complexity of regulated digital data is transforming the regulatory framework for finance companies, underscoring the necessity of digital data capture, assurance, and archiving tools. As financial markets grow more interconnected and regulatory scrutiny amplifies to maintain investor confidence, it’s critical for companies to continually update their compliance mechanisms.

A significant hurdle is the growing complexity and variety of regulatory requirements across various jurisdictions. Financial firms frequently operate in multiple countries, each with its regulations regarding data handling, privacy, data localisation, and security. This situation necessitates a careful balance between privacy and data retention for compliance, leading to a complex regulatory environment. Compliance officers must possess a deep understanding of local laws and international standards, ready to quickly adapt to regulatory changes. It’s crucial for these professionals to stay abreast of differing requirements and ensure their firm’s data management practices comply with both local and global regulations.

In this context of heightened scrutiny and entangled local and global regulations, Custodia introduces CC1. CC1 equips firms with the necessary tools to capture all regulated data in compliance with both local laws and international standards. It offers a streamlined solution that enables regulated industries of any size or global reach to focus on their core business activities. While firms remain responsible for fulfilling their compliance obligations, CC1 simplifies this task. The service also provides businesses with deep insights from their captured data, opening avenues for enhanced growth, efficiency, and competitive edge.

In an era marked by increased regulatory oversight and global complexity, CC1 emerges as a dependable ally for financial institutions aiming for compliance excellence and deeper insights into their regulated digital data.

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