How to onboard customers using different technologies


In an age where customers are using digital financial services in bigger numbers than ever, the need to have a vast range of technologies for this is becoming ever more important.

In a presentation, former head of marketing and communication for Electronic IDentification (now part of Signicat) Patricia Diez took a deep dive into the world of onboarding and the different technologies that can be used to onboard customers.

As the financial world becomes more accustomed to digital technologies, the need for a greater understanding on digital onboarding is becoming highly relevant. What are the key tenets of onboarding?

Diez explained, “Onboarding is an umbrella term used to describe when users start a customer journey with a company. The customer onboarding process cannot be understood without the KYC process.

“On one hand, the onboarding process focuses on registering users and incorporating

them into the organization’s database as new clients. This leads to being able to provide them with services or products.”

Diez goes on to highlight that on the other hand, the KYC process focuses on verifying the individuals identity – with identity verification needed in order to prevent fraud and to be AML compliant.

There are a growing number on onboarding technologies currently available within the industry, and with financial technology holding an ever-larger presence within the sector, it is highly likely these technologies will continue to proliferate.

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