Clausematch and RiskInk join forces to boost RegTech offerings


Clausematch has formed a strategic alliance with RiskInk, a boutique risk management consultancy with unparalleled experience in policy drafting.

This partnership is fuelled by the intention to bolster each other’s offerings. The collaboration between these two leading firms promises to blend expertise and technology to their mutual benefit, especially in terms of customer referrals.

Clausematch brings to the table its robust platform that sits at the heart of policy management. It offers businesses a platform to cooperate, craft, manage, and examine numerous compliance documents in real-time. It comes complete with a comprehensive audit trail and real-time insights.

On the other hand, RiskInk has earned a reputation as a leader in policy creation and development. Its client list includes renowned names such as HSBC, Mizuho, SMBC, Bank of the Sierra, and Amherst Pierpoint (Santander). It crafts documentations that stand up to examination from board members, executive teams, employees, clients, and regulators. Furthermore, RiskInk reinforces its thought leadership with publications in GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals), PRMIA (Professional Risk Management International Association) and the RMA (the Risk Management Association).

The agreement, an introducer partnership, means Clausematch and RiskInk can mutually benefit from customer referrals, while showcasing their respective expertise and technology where suitable.

In terms of additional news, it’s worth noting that Clausematch is recognised as a global leader in RegTech and has been steadily expanding its partner network. Earlier this year, Clausematch formed partnerships with Solitaire in the Channel Islands, the Connector in Benelux, and Várri Consultancy in the Middle East.

John Thackeray, founder at RiskInk, commented, “You can’t underestimate what good policies mean for a business. They are the window into the corporate governance of the company. On a regular basis, I’m contacted by companies that neglected the importance of policy creation and maintenance. Moreover having policies that don’t work, that aren’t followed can be worse than having no policies at all. RiskInk completes this remediation quickly and at a high standard, much like a surgical strike.”

Clausematch account manager Claudia Coutinho de Somma said, “We’re delighted to start our collaboration with RiskInk. The use of technology here is crucial. This partnership is an excellent opportunity to empower customers with professional solutions to these challenges.”

Clausematch also recently announced a strategic partnership with Corlytics, a leader in intelligent regulations and regulatory data.

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