Advantage Futures leverages Eventus’ Validus for trade surveillance


Advantage Futures, a clearing firm in the futures industry, has deployed Eventus’ Validus platform to fulfil its trade surveillance requirements.

Eventus, a global leader renowned for its diverse offerings of trade surveillance, market risk and algorithm monitoring solutions, confirmed this development today.

The decision for this collaboration was born out of Advantage Futures’ thorough research on the prospective firms in the FinTech space and rigorous testing of the Validus platform. Advantage Futures was convinced of the platform’s utility in meeting its unique trade surveillance needs.

Eventus is recognised for providing multi-asset class trade surveillance, market risk and algo monitoring solutions. Their Validus platform is celebrated for its robust machine learning capabilities, customizable features that adjust parameters from one exchange to another, easy user interface, and a well-informed, responsive team. Advantage Futures, on the other hand, is one of the highest volume clearing firms in the futures industry, necessitating sophisticated and reliable surveillance solutions.

This partnership is seen as an important advancement in Advantage Futures’ surveillance programme. Validus’ wide application throughout the futures industry and other asset classes positions it as a desirable solution for firms requiring state-of-the-art surveillance. In the past five years, the firm and its software solution have accumulated over 30 global and regional awards, testament to the platform’s value in the industry.

The Validus platform incorporates automation, including machine learning, to expedite alert triage and prioritise the most significant alerts for further investigation. It processes billions of messages every day, providing comprehensive coverage across trading flows. Moreover, Validus’ ability to ingest data in any format from any source facilitates easy onboarding without taxing clients’ resources.

Advantage Futures chairman & chief executive officer, Joseph Guinan said, “I’ve had great respect for Eventus CEO Travis Schwab for more than 15 years. The company has thrived under his leadership, and its Validus trade surveillance platform is now an important component of the Advantage surveillance program.”

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