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US places new sanctions on Iran following Albania cyberattack

The US Treasury Department has slapped fresh sanctions against Iran for engaging in a cyberattack on Albania.

Russia launches huge cyberattack against Montenegro

The security agency of Montenegro has said that hackers from Russia have launched a ‘massive, coordinated’ cyberattack against its government and its services.

Cyberattacks on law enforcement climbing, experts find

Resecurity, a LA-based cyber firm, has claimed there has been an increase in malicious activity targeting law enforcement agencies at the beginning of the second quarter.

JBS Foods pays multimillion ransom to end global ransomware cyberattack

Food processing company JBS Foods has confirmed it has paid an $11m million ransom payment to end a ransomware cyberattack on its global operations.

Cybercriminal forum offers $100k prize for stealing cryptocurrency assets

A Russian-speaking cybercriminal forum has hosted a contest for cybercriminals to provide methods for targeting cryptocurrency-related technology.

Sweden temporarily closes infectious diseases database due to hack attempts

The Swedish Public Health Agency temporarily closed down the country’s infectious diseases database SmiNet following several hacking attempts.

US confirms JBS Foods ransomware cyberattack likely Russia-linked

The US has confirmed that the cyberattack on food processing company JBS Foods was a ransomware attack likely coordinated by a Russian group.

Interpol diverts $83m of online fraud from cybercriminals

Interpol claims it has intercepted $83m belonging to victims of online financial crime from being transferred into the accounts of their hackers.

JBS Foods halts production following multinational cyberattack

Food processing giant JBS Foods has closed down production at multiple sites globally following a cyberattack.

Cybersecurity assessment required for US pipelines following Colonial attack

A Biden administration directive will require US pipeline operators to conduct a cybersecurity assessment on their pipelines following the recent Colonial Pipeline hack.

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