SmartMetric launches new live finger detection service

SmartMetric, a developer of biometric identification services for the payments industry, has released a new live finger detection service for its card fingerprint scanner.

The card holder can now touch the card’s square sensor, which will then send an image of the fingerprint to the card’s internal processor. A comparison is completed between the new image and a pre-stored fingerprint picture.

If there is 100 per cent match of the two, the card’s smart card chip and RFID transmission is turned on to complete the transaction. If there is not a match, the card will not process the transaction. This matching and activation happens in under a second, the company claims.

The solution also has added additional sensing functions which can validate the liveness of the finger being used, helping to remove threats of ‘dead finger’ fingerprint replication.

SmartMetric president and CEO Chaya Hendrick said, “This is an important feature that foils attempts to use a recreated fake finger in order to get around the strong biometric security embedded inside our cards.”

The company is a biometric card solution developer and has created cards for banks across the US and Latin America, with plans to launch in Europe.  Its cards have built-in fingerprint scanners and rechargeable battery, and are useable at all card readers and ATMs.

Earlier in the week, Zwipe partnered with Allcard to launch a dual-interface biometric payment card across the Philippines. The card also uses an in-built fingerprint scanner on cards, and needs verification of the print before a transaction can be completed.

A report from New York researchers recently uncovered that machine learning technology could be used to create fake fingerprints which can fool systems.

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