Quantifind unveils AI-driven risk discovery tool to revolutionise threat assessment

Quantifind unveils AI-driven risk discovery tool to revolutionise threat assessment

Palo Alto-based company, Quantifind, known for providing AI-powered risk intelligence automation to the world’s foremost organisations, has unveiled its ground-breaking AI solution designed to enhance the proactive screening for potential threats.

With its focus on risk, business, and geographical information, the new offering promises to redefine the sector’s approach to risk detection.

The genesis of this novel product lies in the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities associated with conventional risk analysis methodologies. Traditional systems tend to become cumbersome when analysts lack specific names or access to sensitive information on unclassified networks. As a result, the security of an organisation is potentially compromised. Quantifind seeks to address this predicament with its newly launched product.

Quantifind is a market leader in delivering AI-powered risk intelligence automation. It excels at equipping leading global organisations with advanced solutions that enable them to assess, manage, and mitigate risk more effectively. Its solutions are known for streamlining workflows and significantly improving risk management processes.

Quantifind’s Automated Risk Discovery solution, developed with the robust risk intelligence platform, Graphyte™, enables analysts to evaluate potential risks in real-time. Rather than depending on entity names, analysts can exploit Quantifind’s comprehensive knowledge graph to collect risk-associated data and generate relevant entity lists. This is an unprecedented feature that sets Quantifind apart in the market.

The product is delivered through the GraphyteDiscover application, which accumulates pertinent data points into an intuitive, interactive graph. This graph delineates networks of influence across millions of interconnected profiles and global data layers. Analysts can, in real-time, mine regions of the graph tied to specific geographic locations, threats, industries, and more.

Additional features include multiple risk identifiers and an exhaustive filtering mechanism. The solution also offers great benefit to national security analysts and financial crime analysts who are responsible for assessing, reporting, and mitigating risks for financial institutions. It enables these professionals to stay a step ahead of risks and evaluate exposure to both national and international threats.

Quantifind Division Chief, Department of Defense, Craig Dudley, Ph.D. said, “Intelligence analysts are tasked with understanding threats specific to regions worldwide while processing an overwhelmingly large and complex information environment. GraphyteDiscover is an important new technology that aggregates and makes sense of open source data, allowing analysts to assess the key entities and relationships related to specific threats, regions, and other strategic concepts, in their entirety.”

Quantifind Chief Product Officer Adam Mulliken said, “Quantifind continues to push the envelope when it comes to the real-world application of AI. While drawing off of the latest advances in the field, we continue to deliver fast, scalable, cost-effective solutions that can be put into practice today. Now more than ever, our customers need to streamline processes so that they can focus faster.”

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