K2View launches new data management solution to automate complex privacy regulation

DataOps solutions provider K2View unveiled its new Data Privacy Management (DPM), a flexible workflow and data automation solution to streamline data privacy regulatory requirements.

Built using K2View’s patented micro-database technology, K2View DPM helps enterprises get secure access to all the data they have about any customer. The solution provides one-click automation to facilitate the collection, updating or purging of that data across all source systems.

Given how customer data gets fragmented across a host of systems, companies struggle to comply with privacy regulations. While the industry is filled with compliance management solutions as well as data privacy solutions implementing workflow management, neither solutions provide companies with the ability to effectively scale their operation while constantly adapting to rapidly changing data privacy regulations, the firm said.

By using K2View’s DPM, users can efficiently solve the data privacy problem, handling all tasks from intake to fulfilment while completely automating accessing, masking and updating customer data, therefore, eliminating the manual work required to fulfil DSARs.

In addition, the K2View DPM enables firms to expedite and scale compliance for a slew of data privacy regulations including GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, PIPEDA, LGPD, as well as those which might come in the future. It also works with other privacy compliance solutions by automating the backend of their platforms, so companies can keep their existing solutions while using K2View’s DPM. Users can leverage its compliance solution with automated, non-intrusive and on-demand access therefore mitigating data privacy compliance risks while cutting operational costs.

Detailing on the firm’s services, K2View co-founder and CEO Achi Rotem said, “Research has shown that handling a data access request costs organisations about $1,400 per case. Early deployments of our software have demonstrated more than a 50% cut in these costs, which could save some organisations millions of dollars while providing end-customers with instant response to their requests—creating an unmatched customer experience.

“We believe that large enterprises with highly complex or fragmented systems will especially benefit from this solution.”

The firm boasts of having Fortune 500 companies as clients who use K2View’s DPM to gain an end-to-end data privacy compliance solution.

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