How e-signatures and digital forms help level up customer experience

The prioritisation of end-to-end digital transformation is arriving. With the digital era evolving by the year, customer experience is becoming more and more vital.

In a recent post by Smart Communications, the company outlined how e-signatures and digital forms are helping to level up customer experience.

The firm said, “The overall goal should be to enhance the existing customer experience through the use of data, analytics and systems that make it possible to use the information gathered to tailor experiences fit for each individual.”

The company highlighted that over the last few years, consumers have been accustomed to the ease of use and convenience of digital CX superpowers like Amazon, Uber, Netflix. Many consumers now have more control than ever, and are taking charge of how they interact with companies. Customers are now expecting tailored experiences from every company they do business with.

The first key area that is ripe for transformation, Smart Communications believes, is the e-signature experience. The firm said, “Many businesses believe e-signature alone is creating an amazing CX (although it is much more efficient than wet signatures, direct mail and/or faxes!), but there is room for improvement. Through forms automation and integrating the data collected via response-based interviews with e-signature solutions, the e-signing process becomes much more personalized – and fast.”

The opportunity is arising for businesses to leverage cloud-based technology to successfully deliver highly personalised and consistent conversations. This means that interactions must be two-way and well-coordinated across channels, devices and lifecycle stages.

Smart Communications continued, “One of the ways companies can start this transformation and put a proactive approach into practice is by using systems and software solutions that enhance the end-to-end customer experience and continuously scale to meet customers’ increasing needs. This includes leveraging software solutions—like e-signature and forms automation solutions—to facilitate valuable, two-way customer conversations, versus the outdated method of transactional, one-way communications.”

The company remarked that put into practice, combining modern e-signature solutions with intuitive, interview-style forms optimises agreement signing processes and workflows for customers in the insurance, financial services and healthcare markets.

The firm added, “Using the available customer data to further customize conversations and experiences with the customer is a big driver in increasing brand loyalty and trust.”

How can this enhance end-to-end customer experience? According to Smart Communications, it pulls in data from core systems, allowing records to be pre-filled by the customer, further personalising data for the company and using it to enhance the customer experience. It also allows internal and external contributors to add, review and approve information, which increases efficiency. In addition, it also removes the need for paper signing with integrated e-signature tools, speeding up agreement completion time and eliminating manual data entry/scanning.

Furthermore, it can help automate the most tedious and manual tasks that are necessary day-to-day and will save time and money. It can also increase productivity and efficiency and drive up completion rates.

Smart Communications said, “Ultimately, the partnership helps enterprise organizations optimize agreement signing processes, with security and compliance in mind. This is particularly important for regulated industries such as insurance, financial services and healthcare.”

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