BehavioSec launches new tools for new account fraud detection

Behavioural biometrics company BehavioSec has released new tools which improve new account fraud detection.

The company has deployed the new tools to help companies meet compliance with the September 14 2019 deadline of PSD2 and its payment security measures. Its new features were built in response to customer feedback around improving authentication capabilities, easing login friction, and provide better visibility on online fraud.

Its first new solution is for new account fraud detection. The company’s population profiling technology will compare a user’s behaviour in a new account to institutions’ wider user population. This will provide an early warning of fraudsters’ efforts to use new accounts as cover.

BehavioSec has also improved the anomaly detection module which can lower false-positives by leveraging AI technology to identify where legitimate user behaviour might appear suspect. An example of this is a user regularly connecting via a remote access tool.

The company’s final new feature is an enhanced mouse recognition solution. The tool is able to protect web applications through the gestures of a computer mouse. It has been created due to more apps being focused around smartphone screens and require less keyboard input. This means keyboard biometrics are not always as effective in finding hackers or hijacked sessions. The mouse recognition service compares users’ normal movements and alerts of any anomalies.

BehavioSec vice president of products Jordan Blake said, “BehavioSec breaks the credential compromise breach cycle by continuously authenticating users upon login, according to unique behavioral biometrics attributes such as typing patterns, touchscreen pressure and device handling. These innately human nuances aren’t for sale on the dark web or easily mimicked by malware, negating attackers’ most comfortable advantages.

“Today we are introducing new features driving the speed, recognition and performance of BehavioSec’s platform even further for customers and third-party developers. There has never been greater urgency or opportunity to end passwords’ status as the weakest link and turn the tables on cybercriminals’ comfortable techniques.”

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