Aware set to land FIDO compliance for authenticators

Aware’s FIDO Face and Face+Voice Authenticators included in its Knomi mobile biometric authentication framework have been certified as compliant with FIDO UAF 1.1.

The products provide banks, enterprises, and security solution providers a standards-based way to incorporate biometrics into their mobile apps to make authentication more secure and convenient for their customers and employees.

Its new biometric authenticators enable the use of either face or face together with voice to perform biometric capture, matching, and liveness detection for password-free multifactor authentication.

“FIDO continues to gain adoption globally in part because of a dynamic marketplace of certified products from a variety of providers, with each having passed through a rigorous certification program that provides assurance that they are functional and interoperable,” said David Benini, VP, Marketing & Product at Aware. “Aware is pleased to offer some of the first authenticators available to be version 1.1 certified.”

Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, the company provides biometrics software products and development services to governments, system integrators, and solution providers globally.

Its products include SDKs, software components, workstation applications, and a modular, centralized, service-oriented platform, which can fulfil a broad range of functions including face, fingerprint, iris, and voice capture, sample quality assurance, data compliance, capture hardware peripheral abstraction, centralized data processing and workflow, subsystem connectivity, and biometric matching algorithms.

The products apply biometrics to enable identity-centric security solutions for applications including banking and payments, border management, credentialing and access control, intelligence and defense, and law enforcement.

Knomi includes SDKs that work in concert on a mobile device and server to enable password-free multifactor authentication using biometrics. Several biometric modality options are currently available, including face recognition, voice recognition, keystroke dynamics, and an innovative fusion of voice and face recognition applied simultaneously.

The components can be selected a la carte to implement either a FIDO Certified solution with secure biometric storage and matching on the mobile device, or a server-centric architecture, with centralized matching and template storage. Each SDK includes user interfaces that ensure fast and easy biometric capture and liveness detection for a positive user experience.

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