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Barclaycard’s early data finds that SCA has not had any bad...

The new strong customer authentication (SCA) rules snapped into force this weekend. However, Barclaycards has so far not seen any an increase of abandoned transactions or declined payments.

Nearly half of UK consumers likely to abandon multi-step authentication processes...

Nearly half of UK consumers are likely to abandon future purchases if they are faced with a multi-step authentication process, a study from Forter claims.

What are the next steps for SCA following postponements to compliance...

Postponements to strong customer authentication (SCA) was the right decision, but regulators must make it clear there will not be a second opportunity for meeting compliance, according to Michael Sass vice president, market product management, security solutions, Europe at Mastercard.

Worldline deploys 3DS2 technology to bolster SCA compliance

Worldline, a payment and transactional services provider, has revealed its acquiring and e-commerce platform are backed by 3D Secure 2 technology, ahead of impending PSD2 SCA deadline.

Amadeus to deploy CyberSource’s 3DS2 technology to meet SCA compliance

Travel company Amadeus is leveraging CyberSource’s 3-D Secure (3DS) 2 authentication technology to help meet Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance.

How to prevent a decline in payments post SCA

With less than a month until the final deadline of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), fears around preparedness are still prevalent and firms are trying to ensure there will not be a fall in payments come September 14.

BaFin delays SCA requirements for online credit card payments

Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has made a temporary measure which allow online payments that do not meet strong customer authentication requirements.

Wirecard releases new PSD2 fast track service

Wirecard, digital financial technology developer, has released a new fast track to PSD2 onboarding through its digital Financial Commerce platform.

Central Bank of Ireland said to be delaying SCA implementation date

Central Bank of Ireland has reportedly confirmed it will delay the roll out of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) rules.

What is strong customer authentication and why should you care?

The EU is enforcing new rules for online payments on September 14. For creative RegTech and FinTech businesses, the new legislation could present massive opportunities.

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