Offshore Bank using KYC Portal to automate 60% of all retail on-boarding

Aqubix’s KYC Portal has revealed an unnamed offshore bank has deployed its KYC and due diligence solution to automate 60 per cent of its retail onboarding processes.

Outdated understandings of money laundering risk and legacy screening tools are leaving FIs vulnerable

Companies need to rapidly evolve their understanding of money laundering risk to more effectively manage their vulnerabilities according to Stephen Platt, Chairman and CEO at KYC Global Technologies.

How closer scrutiny of risk data aggregation practices is increasing regulatory pressures on banks

The increasing scrutiny that regulators are placing on BCBS 239 compliance is causing challenges for financial institutions, but with more pressing and threatening regulations, it may play second fiddle for attention, according to Randeep Singh Buttar, Head of Data Change and Strategy (Global Risk and Finance) at HSBC.

Getting GDPR ready for Brexit

Brexit and GDPR are often met with equal voices of tedium, but Compliance Compendium chief business development officer Gareth Gadd shares some optimism for SMEs.

Bank uses KYC Portal to streamline the review processes for Corporate Clients

Aqubix’s KYC Portal has been chosen by an unnamed international bank to ease the ongoing relationship processes with corporate structures.

How are risk managers looking to handle the rising threats of cyber attacks

To enhance combat against new risks like cyberattacks, insurance firms need to increase the amount of data they are tapping into, according to Adam Mitchell, Head of Risk Innovation at Chaucer.

Compliance Compendium: Why GDPR compliance is difficult in the cloud

Compliance Compendium chief business development officer Gareth Gadd explores how cloud operations need to change for GDPR.

Insurance companies cannot risk overlooking the importance of compliance

The insurance industry is rather focused on developing products and serving clients than further developing its compliance framework, according to Priscilla Cournède, head of group prudential and regulatory developments at SCOR.

How open banking and improved data sharing can change insurance

‘Data exchange is fundamentally a value exchange’ and proving this to customers will help to enhance the insurance industry, according to Milan Sud, head of Innovation at AXA Partners UK.

Can GDPR and blockchain be friends?

With blockchain’s ability to decentralise the access to data and networks and GDPR’s tight grips on data, Compliance Compendium chief business development officer Gareth Gadd looks to see if they could work together.



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