Here’s what the RegTech industry thinks about the Australian senate’s committee investigating the sector

Australia’s lawmakers have launched a select committee to see how the emerging RegTech community is doing. We checked in with industry stakeholders to see what they thought of the initiative.

Taking the fight: What do RegTech companies think about the EU potentially setting up...

European finance ministers are expected to urge the European Commission to set up a new anti-money laundering authority. Whilst optimistic, RegTech stakeholders expect challenges to come.

The Woodford scandal reveals the need for RegTech compliance solutions, MirrorWeb argues

Neil Woodford was considered a star fund manager until his career abruptly ended in a flurry of bad market bets and calls for stricter regulations of the financial industry.

Westpac’s bill for its shabby behaviour is reaching the AUS$2bn mark

One of Australia’s biggest banks has added another AUS$341m to its misconduct costs, but is fearing that the regulator might slam it with a huge fine.

Can RegTech solutions help businesses prepare for Brexit?

No matter if the UK will crash out of the EU without a deal or if there will be an extension for next year,...

What’s the state of the US RegTech?

RegTech is going from strength to strength. But will the good times keep on rolling in the US?

Irish RegTech Think Evolve Solve is empowering businesses to really take advantage of their...

Think Evolve Solve was launched in 2012 to help companies compete using data. However, they quickly realised that a real pain existed in how companies gather their data in the first place and that solving this was key

Five reasons why MiFID II’s Article 16 is such a headache to deal with

The EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) was created to make the regulatory framework protecting investors clearer. However, it is still tricky to comply with.

Is it fear of automation or something else that keeps big banks from adopting...

Lots of huge financial institutions talk the talk about innovation, but few seem to walk the walk and actually implement RegTech solutions. That is according...

Should cyber insurance be mandatory?

Cyberattacks still plague the internet, leaving waves of personal and financial destruction in its path, but making cyber insurance mandatory would help with reparation, according to Richard Fry, head of information security and risk at Covea Insurance.

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