Theta Lake’s 5 step guide for video communication compliance in financial services

Communication monitoring and compliance platform Theta Lake has offered its five-step guide for financial services looking to improve their compliance with recordings.

Integrating biometrics is becoming more crucial for firms, with regulators driving adoption

Regulators have been critical for the adoption of improved verification technology such as biometrics, according to Ashim Banerjee, CEO at IDMission.

Financial institutions need to find balance in cybersecurity of new technology but also legacy...

Interrelating both legacy security systems and new ones are posing the biggest threat to online protections of financial services, according to Alex Doll, founder and managing general partner at Ten Eleven Ventures.

What makes a RegTech appealing to an investor?

When investing into RegTechs, it is essential to find companies with technological expertise but also in-depth understandings of financial institutions’ processes and complexity, according to Astrid Freier CEO and co-founder Reg Tech Berlin.

‘SM&CR is more than just good governance’ – how tighter accountability is impacting firms

Financial institutions initially underestimated SM&CR but are beginning to realise its profound impact and the level of change it requires, according to Carl Redfern, co-founder and compliance director at Redland.

A suspicious transaction database is needed to help battle money laundering and fraud

A centralised database for suspicious transactions would be the best way to help financial institutions improve the fight against money laundering and fraud, according to Pedro Pinto Coelho, CEO at Banco BNI Europa.

The RIA’s guide to sales videos and staying compliant

Voice and video compliance platform Theta Lake has provided top tips on how to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy, keep the regulator happy and save money in the process.

Electronic Identification: How is KYC impacting the financial market

Establishing strong Know your customer (KYC) processes is one of the biggest challenges facing financial companies, Electronic Identification (eID) has offered a guide to help.

How is GDPR impacting insurance firms and what are they doing to ease compliance?

GDPR has not just been burdensome on financial services, but offered new opportunities, whether it’s getting firms to actually understand their data or even improving existing regulations, according to a panel at the Global InsurTech Summit 2019.

Data protection could make securing a Brexit deal more complex, says Compliance Compendium

Brexit is presenting many questions particularly around the issue of data protection, however Compliance Compendium’s Gareth Gadd has explained how compliance requirements may change...

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