Is it fear of automation or something else that keeps big banks from adopting...

Lots of huge financial institutions talk the talk about innovation, but few seem to walk the walk and actually implement RegTech solutions. That is according...

Should cyber insurance be mandatory?

Cyberattacks still plague the internet, leaving waves of personal and financial destruction in its path, but making cyber insurance mandatory would help with reparation, according to Richard Fry, head of information security and risk at Covea Insurance.

Here’s why your employees are your biggest cybersecurity risk

The cybersecurity threat is constantly evolving and the day a firm believes they have achieved all there is to achieve, is the day they will fall foul to the next emerging risk; the Insider Threat, according to Tony Pepper, CEO at Egress.

MirrorWeb – Now Or Never: The Critical Guide to SM&CR

Website and social media archiving platform MirrorWeb has created a guide for the UK’s new Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR).

What can be done to boost diversity in RegTech?

Maria Scott, founder and CEO of TAINA Technologies, the RegTech startup, believes there is hope to boost diversity in the RegTech industry.

Why do businesses fail to comply with MiFID II?

The EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) is a complicated piece of legislation. Still, no business can afford to get it wrong.

This is what RegTech clients get wrong about KYC solutions

Laws are complicated and know-your-customer regulations are no exception. So it is unsurprising some RegTech providers’ clients may struggle with getting KYC right.  KYC is...

How RegTech startup muinmos is like “a self-driving car in a market that has...

Onboarding clients can be a time-consuming and risky process. That’s what Remonda Kirketerp-Møller’s RegTech startup aims to change.

How to prevent a decline in payments post SCA

With less than a month until the final deadline of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), fears around preparedness are still prevalent and firms are trying to ensure there will not be a fall in payments come September 14.

Centralise KYC processes on multiple involvement

It has become a common occurrence that a subject (be it a legal entity or a human being) is involved in multiple aspects within an organisation. An entity which is being serviced for different products or services would usually lead to multiple records of the subject and also multiple KYC processes leading to inefficiencies and also increased risk. KYC Portal allows you to benefit of such occurrences to improve efficiencies and reduce risk exposure

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