Wirecard has asked KPMG to audit its accounting practices after facing fraud allegations

German payments company Wirecard is wrestling with fraud allegations after an expose in the Financial Times. It has now enlisted the services of KPMG to go over its accounting practices.

European and Australian regulators agree to collaborate to bring about greater equivalence

Two financial market regulators in the EU and in Australia have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding Australian benchmarks.

Malaysian officials consider harsher punishments against hackers and companies failing to protect customers’ data

Hack attacks are on the rise in Malaysia. Now the country’s lawmakers are considering taking off the kid gloves towards both criminals and the companies neglecting to protect their clients.

Customers were unable to access Microsoft Azure after facing multi-factor authentication issues

On Friday, Microsoft confirmed that several of its users had been locked out of their services because of an unknown glitch in its multi-factor authentication solution.

Why have the complaints received by the FCA increased?

New figures from the UK’s top financial market regulator reveals more people have complained the number of complained jumped from 3.91 million in the last six months of 2018 to 4.29 million in the first half of 2019.

Irish 19-year-old founder behind cybersecurity startup raise $3.2m in round led by Sequoia

Evervault, the Dublin-based cybersecurity startup, has raised $3.2m in a seed round led by Sequoia Capital, the venture capital firm.

Phy Capital Investment CEO slammed with $17.2m fine after committing commodities fraud

Fabio Bretas de Freitas, CEO of Phy Capital Investments, the investment management firm, has been ordered to pay up $17.2m for essentially running a Ponzi scheme.

CFTC accuses Nevada entrepreneur of running a $11m cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme

A top US regulator is accusing the Circle Society and its owner David Gilbert Saffron of fraudulent solicitation, misappropriation and registration violations.

BlackBerry Cylance teams up with Chronicle

Two cybersecurity companies have joined forces to boost the digital defences for their clients.

This is how Theta Lake’s and RingCentral’s collaboration works

RegTech startup Theta Lake has partnered with the multinational communications and collaborations platform RingCentral to boost its compliance.

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